About Us

How it all started...

Being a Fashion Designer for the last 15 years, has opened my eyes to the possibilities of Canvas Art and Fashion. To tell you the truth, fashion is a form of art, that when applied to fabric becomes an eye catching conversation piece. When I combine the two it becomes a new genre. For years, I have taught summer classes to the youth and always brought the 2 worlds together. 

Come to think about it. Not only did I learn fashion from those in the United States but I was very much inspired by my Sierra Leonean, West African culture.

More to come....


About the Designer

Almira was born February 1979, located in Washington, DC to Sheriff and Olabisi Daramy. Her parents originate from Sierra Leone, West Africa but her family roots extend to Senegal, Gambia, Morocco, Liberia, and Guinea. Born into a background saturated with art, culture & style, Almira welcomed her rich heritage into every aspect of her life.  

Almira's goals for the next 3 years is to bring awareness to the hidden-talented Fashion Designers, Artisans, and the Movie Industry in the DMV, Sierra Leone, and abroad.

Her company’s motto: The Fashion House of Léonché is not just your average fashion label, It Is the NEW STANDARD!